Portable Ventilator

Used for ambulance, ICU, operating room,
emergency department, field first aid and
transport. The ventilator can be used on both
children and adults.

Product Features
1. Micro processor controlled, constant volume, pressure triggered.
2. LCD monitor, multiparameter digital display.
3. Compact and light weight. Weight: Machine only: 3 Kg. Total weight 13 Kg (including
oxygen tank and all the accessories).
4. Three kinds of power sources: AC, DC and built in internal lithium ion battery (works for
more than 8 hours on battery mode).
5. Can be used for both invasive and noninvasive.


Monitoring and Alarm Function
Multiple parameters monitoring and display functions.
Multiple alarm and prompt functions.
Multiple security protection functions.

Service Conditions
Power Supply: AC, DC, Built-in lithium ion battery
Gas Supply: Oxygen cylinder, gas supply from
hospital wall, gas supply inside the ambulance.



Environmental Requirements

Relative humidity: 15%- 95%
Ambient temperature: -18-50 o C
Atmospheric pressure: 70-110 kPa
Gas source: 0.28- 0.6 mPa 60 L/min
Power: AC 100V 240V or DC 12V
Battery: 2200mAh, rechargeable


Class I, Type B protection against electric shock

IPX4 water resistant rating

Suitable for patient who weighs more than 25Kg


Standard configuration: Ventilator,
Oxygen Pressure Reducer, Mask, High
pressure oxygen hose, Long simulator,
Breath circuit, Head band, Power adapter
Optional accessories: Carrying Package,
2L oxygen aluminum cylinder, Oxygen
bridge, Hanging rack.

 Description  Specifications
 Tidal Volume  50 ~ 1200 mL
 Respiratory Rate  5 ~ 60 bpm, 1 ~ 12 bpm for SIMV
 FiO2  40% ~ 100%
 Trigger  -10 ~ 0 hPa
 Max Minute Volume  ≥ 22 L/min
 PEEP  0, 5 ~ 20hPa
 PIP  0 ~ 60hPa
 Over Pressure Relief  0 ~ 5 L/min
Product Dimension 530 x 530 x 280 mm
Product Weight 3 Kg (ventilator machine only)
13 Kg (including all accessories)
Monitors: Tidal Volume
Respiratory Rate
Airway Pressure
Airway Pressure Waveform
Peak Airway Pressure
Alarms: High Airway Pressure Alarm
Low Airway Alarm
Low Battery Alarm